Hookloaders (carriers), containers, trucks rebuilding, ...

Sales truck centre NAVARA Novosedly a.s.

  • Truck centre NAVARA Novosedly a.s. produce hookloaders and containers, provide chassiss modification including conatiners hookloaders.
  • We offer containers of different snes for transport and storage of non-coherent materials, rubbish, pallets, waste etc.
  • We produce telescopic hookloaders, jointed hookloaders, double-arms hookloaders, stirrup hookloaders and traktor hookloaders

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Sales truck centre NAVARA ABROLLKIPPER a.s.

The company NAVARA ABROLLKIPPER a.s. delivers new and used freight trucks. The most frequent application of such trucks is the refurbishment to the carrier of the containers with a unique design and manufacturing or the refurbishment to the flat truck, often with a hydraulic loading crane (lorry loader).

Similarly, we rebuild the vehicles delivered by the customer, or we import the chassis per the individual requirements of the customers.

Moreover, we also produce various types of the containers, reaching from standard to atypical types, satisfying the needs of the customer.

We also make co-operations and deliveries in the fields such as mechanical engineering production, welding, varnishing.

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CRN: 04048636
TAX ID: CZ04048636

Znojemská 1625,
691 23 Pohořelice





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