Hookloaders (carriers), containers, trucks rebuilding, ...

Sales truck centre NAVARA Novosedly a.s.

  • Truck centre NAVARA Novosedly a.s. produce hookloaders and containers, provide chassiss modification including conatiners hookloaders.
  • We offer containers of different snes for transport and storage of non-coherent materials, rubbish, pallets, waste etc.
  • We produce telescopic hookloaders, jointed hookloaders, double-arms hookloaders, stirrup hookloaders and traktor hookloaders

Our company does business in these areas:

  • Production of motor-driven and other transport vehicles including extensions for trucks, spare parts and working machines.
  • Repairs of cars.
  • Production of car bodyworks.
  • Repairs of bodyworks.
  • Surface finishes and welding of metals and other materials.
  • Road freight transport – domestic road freight transport.
  • Production of machines and machinery for general purposes.
  • Purchases of goods with a view to their further sale and the sale itself.
  • Intermediary activities in the sphere of sales and services.
  • Letting and hiring of movables.
  • Real estate activities.

Documents of the company:


CRN: 04048636
TAX ID: CZ04048636

Znojemská 1625,
691 23 Pohořelice





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